SAS Online Databases

A to Z listing of online Database Resources.

To access subscription resources while off-campus, you will be prompted to login first to OpenAthens.  Your Open Athens username is your "firstname.lastname" (for example john.smith); please contact us for the password




A valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc.

Find diverse global perspectives on topics related to controversial issues, the environment, health, education, science, the arts, literature, business, economics, criminal justice, and more from a variety of current and retrospective news media including newspapers, newswires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, periodicals, videos and web-only content.

Offering portraits of  more than 18,700 men and women from all eras and walks of life whose lives have shaped the nation. This database is dynamic with more than 80,000 hyperlinked cross-references, links to select web sites, and powerful search and browse capabilities.

This database, powered by and distributed by ProQuest, delivers billions of primary source records such as census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more. Take a look at this HOW-TO guide.

Consisting of nearly 2000 texts, this database represents a broad range of written French -- from novels and poetry to biology and mathematics -- stretching from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries.

An image library for the arts and sciences.  Search and browse the over 1.5 million images in the ARTstor Digital Library. Once you find images that interest you, ARTstor provides tools that enable you to organize images into groups and share those groups with colleagues and students.


BNA Online provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 716+ species of birds breeding in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada.

Fantastic resource for all research - great starting point for primary sources.


This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.   Coverage: 1909 - 1975

Online, The Chronicle is published every weekday and is the top destination for news, advice, and jobs for people in academe. The Chronicle's Web site features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; an archive of previously published content; vibrant discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases, and more.

A streaming video service for high schools with unlimited access to more than 5,000 programs.

From Facts On File and Films for the Humanities and Sciences, this is a compilation of FFH&S’s video content spanning the following core subject areas:

  • Science and Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Literature and Language Arts
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Business and Economics
  • Visual and Performing Arts.


Segmented into clips so you can find specific content quickly.

The most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs.

The award winning CQ Researcher explores a single "hot" issue in the news in depth each week.  Good "Pro versus Con" section.


Equally useful for checking quick facts, compiling introductory material or conducting in-depth research, users will appreciate the breadth of information and ease of access. This database provides content from a vast number of reference works, scholarly essays, and primary documents.

MUST LOGIN: user: user.standrews-de (contact librarian for password) Harnessing the power of technology and the passion of like-minded people, we want to bring live performance into every classroom and library, accompanied by a range of invaluable educational resources for illustration, explanation, and critical reflection.
We collaborate with over 50 world-class theatre companies, industry associations, practitioners, teachers, examination boards and scholars. Today, we provide 3 million students in over 2,000 schools, colleges and universities across 65 countries with unlimited access to over 1000+ full-length productions and educational resources.

Quickly, easily find relevant ebooks and chapters; read online; search and highlight, take notes and bookmark pages in your online copy, store on your bookshelf. You can also share your research, download ebooks and chapters to your laptop or mobile device, and more.

The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

Online collection of edited correspondence of the early modern period, linking people across Europe, the Americas and Asia from the early 17th to the mid-19th century. Immediate access to 63,968 historical documents. Listen in on the first global social network as 8,008 historical figures discuss everything from religious tolerance to animal rights, vulcanology to classical archeology, economic modelling to celebrity culture.

Offers deep coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study.  Contains millions of records from thousands of domestic and international titles dating back over 100 years.

ERIC is an online digital library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. The mission of ERIC is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable, Internet-based bibliographic and full-text database of education research and information for educators, researchers, and the general public.


Contact a Librarian for access to full-text articles.


Covering all aspectsof human impact to the environment. Draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling and more.

A comprehensive dictionary of the visual arts worldwide, from prehistory to the present  Provides access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art with constant additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links. Offers original essays on each subject by scholars in the field.

An integrated music resource on the web, including the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 2e, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz 2e.  This database has nearly 50,000 articles, sophisticated search and browse capabilites, audio musical examples, and extensive links to musical sites on the Internet.


Offers full page and article images with searchable full-text back to the first issues of The New York Times (1851-2014); Christian Science Monitor (1908-1991); The Washington Post (1877-1988); The Wall Street Journal (1889-1987).

History Study Center provides a vast collection of digitized primary and secondary sources, covering global history from ancient times to the present day.  Contents include reference books, essays, journal articles, historical newspaper and magazine articles, maps, rare books, government documents, transcripts of historical speeches, images and video clips.  This database provides over 40,000 documents and articles, with over 50 reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000 Web sites.


Independent Voices is an open access digital collection of alternative press newspapers, magazines and journals, drawn from the special collections of participating libraries. These periodicals were produced by feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Hispanics, LGBT activists, the extreme right-wing press and alternative literary magazines during the latter half of the 20th century.


Used by millions for research, teaching, and learning, this powerful database has an expansive digital archive of more than a thousand academic journals, and over a million images, letters, and other primary sources. JSTOR is one of the world's most trusted sources for academic content.

Global Plants is the world’s largest database of digitized plant specimens and a locus for international scientific research and collaboration.

Search a digital library of academic research covering issues related to environmental stress and its challenges for human society. JSTOR Sustainability helps researchers navigate an interdisciplinary terrain, with Topic Pages and Influential Articles (an interactive timeline of the articles that have most influenced the topic, developed in partnership with the UW DataLab) acting as road signs.

Shakespeare, British Literature, and the King James Bible:


Pick a play. Click a passage. Instantly see articles and chapters on JSTOR that quote that line. Developed in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library, and Studies in English Literature at Rice University, the JSTOR Understanding Series showcases the potential of using a primary text as a portal into the scholarship about it. 


With over 26,000 films, Kanopy offers a unique and compelling streaming collection. Films range from documentaries, indie and foreign films, must-see classics and blockbuster movies.


Online weekly aggregation of the best news articles that the Latin American media produces. The Digest gathers news stories from over 100 Latin American publications, providing a condensed version in English of each story selected and the link to the original article in the original language.

Authors represented span eighteen centuries and every genre. The digital Loeb Classical Library continues the historic mission of making all that is important in Greek and Latin literature available to readers anywhere in the world—with accurate, literate, English translations.


Key features include:
• Single- and dual-language reading modes
• Greek keyboard
• Inclusion of every Loeb volume in print
• Regular uploading of new and revised volumes

• Intuitive Search and Browse


This database provides an index to journal and newspaper articles, books and research on the culture and politics of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.


National Geographic magazine is the official journal of the National Geographic Society, one of the world's largest nonprofit educational and scientific organizations. Recognized for some of the highest-quality photojournalism and cartography in the world, this award-winning, iconic magazine is famous for providing unparalleled, in-depth coverage of cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment.

Featuring the complete archive of the magazine to the mid-1990s, National Geographic Magazine Archive, includes every page and every photograph, all fully searchable through an intuitive interface.

Full-text coverage from 1997. New Scientist magazine was created "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". A global reach magazine with in-depth reports on the biggest events of the week.

Full-text coverage of the U.S. newspaper of record.  Offers superb coverage of national and international news, plus coverage of important speeches and documents, Supreme Court decisions, and presidential press conference transcripts. Please see Proquest Historical Newspapers below for historical coverage of the New York Times (1851-2001)

Full access to the online New York Times.  In order to activate your account to read the Newspaper of Record while off-campus, you will need to activate your account. Take a look!

Local and regional news from Delaware, from 2002 to the present, each issue thoroughly indexed. Daily print copy in the periodical room.

Find diverse global perspectives on topics related to controversial issues, the environment, health, education, science, the arts, literature, business, economics, criminal justice, and more from a variety of current and retrospective news media including newspapers, newswires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, periodicals, videos and web-only content.

NoveList Plus has reading recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction, for all ages. NoveList's expertise in books and reading means that you'll always get the best help for finding just the right books.


The Oxford English Dictionary is the most authoritative English dictionary in the world. Look up words, quotations, first use, and pronunciations.

The most comprehensive collection of scholarship available online focusing on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture.

A collection of 55,000 biographies of the lives of people from all walks of life  who shaped British history worldwide, from the 4th century BC to 2002.

Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection contains dictionary, language reference and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press.  It is a fully indexed, cross searchable database of these reference books.  A broad subject range of titles from the Oxford Companions Series is available, as well as the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.


Designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue, this database provides more than 290 topics, each with an overview (objective background/description), point (argument), counterpoint (opposing argument), and Critical Thinking Guide.  This is an easy-to-use, accessible "information hub" offering balanced examinations of current issues.

250 scholarly journals online covering many areas in the humanities and social sciences.


A leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 journals and almost 20,000 books.

Leading journal of original scientific research, global news and commentary. From the American Association for the Advanced of Science (AAAS) which seeks to "advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people."

This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.   Coverage: 1909 - 1975

  • Access current and historical demographic data with ease:
    • * The entire US Census from 1790 to 2010.
    • * The entire American Community Survey (ACS) from 2005 to 2011.
    • * All annual updates from the American Community Survey.
    • * The Religious Congregations and Membership Study (RCMS) from 1980 to 2010.
    • * Carbon Emissions Data for 2002 from the Vulcan Project.
    • Social Explorer includes over 40 billion data elements, 500,000 variables, and more than 25,000 interactive maps.
  • Latest data from the US Census Bureau added to the site as soon as it is released.
  • Browse full source documentation for all reports and maps.

TRAC is a comprehensive resource for the study of political violence of all kinds. Includes:  core analyses of 3,800 groups that have been known to aid and abet political violence or terrorist organizations; profiles of vulnerable regions and cities mostly likely to attract terrorist incidents; hundreds of internet links to think tanks, government agencies, government and private research centers.


The financial newspaper of record offering in-depth coverage of national and international finance as well as first rate coverage of hard news, covering 1984 to the present.  To search prior to 1984, go to ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

This digital archive includes 150,000 pages of conference proceedings, reports of international women's organizations, publications and web pages of women's non-governmental organizations, and letters, diaries, and memoirs of women active internationally since the mid-nineteenth century.

It also includes photographs and videos of major events and activists in the history of women’s international social movements. Finally, we have commissioned from leading contemporary scholars 30 essays exploring themes illuminated by the primary documents in the archive.

The vision for the project arose from our work as editors of Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. After a decade of rewarding effort with that online journal, in 2007 we wanted to aid the international turn in historical studies. We became intrigued by the challenge  of creating an online archive of primary sources generated by women's international activism, 1840 to the present. We decided to move ahead and try to meet  the needs of scholars as well as students—to collect in depth as well as breadth.