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New To The Collection
Student Book Club
Book Club
Student Book Club

 Spring break is upon us and the Student Book Group has chosen their selection. They've decided to go the path of non-fiction this go-round with the multiple award-winning memoir, Educated by Tara Westover. As Madeline and Spencer described the book to their group: "It is a very interesting memoir about her childhood growing up in a remote area of the mountains in Idaho with survivalist parents."
Library Trivia Night
February Trivia
Library Trivia Night
Before the students took off for spring 
break the Library hosted a Trivia Night. 
This involved six teams of four students 
each meeting in the reference room with 
snacks and challenging questions created
 by host, Jenn Wilson '03.  
There were four rounds of questions that 
included categories like General 
Knowledge, Black History Month, Music 
Round (play 40-50 seconds of a song and 
team's guess the title), and a 
President's round. 
What's on Display in the MCR?
book displays
What's on Display in the MCR?

When you walk through the Main Common Room (MCR) these days you might notice a slight change in the décor.

What once was the home of A. Felix duPont’s (the School’s founder) antique gun collection, are now beautifully crafted bookshelves.

Mr. duPont’s gun collection was donated to the School by his wife shortly after his death in 1948. Cases were built and installed in the Main Common Room where his collection was on display until their recent removal. Students as well as the adult community would often comment on the oddity of storing guns in a school setting. The guns have been removed and donated to the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, DE. Hagley houses a huge amount of the duPont family’s effects and it seemed only natural and fitting for his collection to be sent there for preservation.

Off Campus Access
Summer Access
Off Campus Access

For off-campus access of any subscription resource (i.e. paid-for databases), you'll be prompted to login first to OpenAthens. Your username is your "firstname.lastname" (for example john.smith); please contact us for the password, or if you have questions.