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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

This month we are featuring the newest book written by Yale University professor, Joanne B. Freeman, titled,The Field of Blood. The timing of the release of this book couldn't be more perfect as it tells us of a time in government when, not unlike today, there was a lot of turnoil in Congress and actual fights broke out  while in session. Freeman talks about the careers of John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay among others. "Freeman’s dramatic accounts of brawls and thrashings tell a larger story of how fisticuffs and journalism, and the powerful emotions they elicited, raised tensions between North and South and led toward war." (from the publisher)

History department chair, Pell dorm parent, and advisor to Honor Committee, Emily Pressman highly recommends our current featured book and the author just happens to be one of Emily's favorite teachers. "I strongly recommend Dr. Joanne Freeman's new book, The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to the Civil War. As a historian, she's one of the best and most respected scholars on this period; she's also one of the most compelling writers and speakers you'll ever hear—she absolutely makes the past come alive with  the stories she tells." Emily goes on to say, "she absolutely loves teaching and her students as much as she loves the discoveries she makes in the archives."

A hard copy of The Field of Blood can be checked out from the library. If you prefer, you can borrow a Kindle that includes this new and exciting book or have Professor Freeman herself read to you by using the Audible app.

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