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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can't Put it Down: Narrative Non-Fiction - Accounts that will pique your interest and keep you reading - these are journalistic stories you just cannot put down;

New Titles in Literature - Latest titles added to the collection, including Prison Writing in 20th Century America, New Ways to Kill Your Mother, and When I Was a Child I Read Books;

Examining "Different" - Titles that explore the outsider status;

Small Books, Big Topics -  Just for fun, these little books feel nice in your hands AND they offer up big ideas.  Check out a few of these titles Ignorance: How it Drives Science, Theories of Internation Politics and Zombies, A Wedding in Haiti, The Art of Non-Conformity;

Creep into a Book -  It IS October, so that means we're thinking of haunting tales. Check out a book from this display and let us know what YOUR favorite creepy story is!;

It's still Election Season! - We've got your candidate covered. AND we've got some new titles on politics and political theory.  Want to make sure you're getting the real story?  Check out the 2012 Election Guide - you'll be able to keep your facts straight.


Feel free to check out any of the display titles.  Got ideas of a topic you'd like displayed?  Let us know!


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