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Summer Reading 2022

Friday, June 3, 2022

The SAS Summer of 2022 Reading list has been posted! There are over 50 offerings from your teachers, advisors, coaches and mentors, each with a brief description of the book. All books include a link to Amazon for easy ordering. The choices are many and widely varied. Students are required to read two books from the list. At the top of the page you will see the required reading for all, a commencement speech from alumna Sarah Atwater Abbott '99 to the Class of 2011.


Here you will find Dean of Teaching and Learning, Gretchen Hurtt's opening letter to the students where she offers advice on how to make a selection from this very diverse list of books: "Reading a wide range of voices and genres - finding authors and subjects you enjoy - is an important piece of your education. After all, there's only so much we can fit onto a syllabus. Summer break gives you time to pursue your own intellectual interests, and at St. Andrew's, it's also a way to connect as a community."


Don't limit yourself to the books on the list. Read a wide range of materials; periodicals, poetry, graphic novels, recipes - anything that will expand your mind.

During the first few weeks of the school's opening, we will gather to discuss the books you read. We are excited to hear not only what you read, but what you would recommend to your teachers and peers.


Here's hoping you enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing summer (and you find time for lots of reading)!







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