All Things February

Team AV Club

Another night of fun happened in the library this month. The Irene hosted a night of trivia with questions relevant to all things February. Emceed by librarian's assistant, Jenn Wilson, Jenn's questions focused on Black History Month, Lunar New Year, President's Day, and of course, Valentine's Day. Jenn was assisted by her colleague Noreen Tully, who was busy keeping score. Questions ranged from:  "What is the Greek goddess Aphrodite's Roman counterpart?" to "Who won the best actress Oscar in 2002?" (to which many students replied, "I wasn't even born in 2002!"), to "What is the zodiac animal for 2019?" and finally,  "Which president lived the longest?"
Three teams of four students each participated by answering six questions from each category. Team AV Club comprised of Christine Chen, Piper Jackman, Gwendolyn Mellon, and Stewart Zurbuch (all representing the Class of 2021) took home the bling! The bling you ask? Gift cards from Wawa!!

Stay tuned as Jenn is busily working on the next library event which will take place after spring break.