Annual Trivia Kick-Off

trivia teams

The first trivia match-up for the 2019-2020 school year was held on Thursday, September 19th with three teams competing; The AV Club, All Alone in the Library, and Trader Joe's. Librarian assistants Jenn Wilson and Noreen Tully were at the helm as the emcee and scorekeeper respectively.

Appropriately enough, the theme for trivia night was Back to School with questions ranging from, "Ted Cotsen '91 is responsible for what SAS tradition? (Frosty Run), to Nabisco released a new special edition cookie over the summer commemorating the 50th anniversary of what historic event? (moon landing)

The competition was fierce for the ultimate prize - a Wawa gift card - ending with only a one-point difference between first and second place. Congrats to Team Trader Joe's!

Next up, Halloween trivia!