April is National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

As April descends upon us, so does the celebration of National Poetry Month - a time to revel in the beauty and power of poetic expression. Here at the Irene duPont Library, we take great pride in our extensive collection of poetry, both in print and online, which offers a treasure trove of verses. Let's take a journey through our stacks and delve into the works of timeless and contemporary voices alike.

No discusson about poetry would be complete without paying homage to the classics that have shaped literature for generations. From the haunting verses of Edgar Allan Poe to the profound musings of Emily Dickinson, our library boasts a rich assortment of works from the masters. Delve into the romantcism of William Wordsworth, the spiritualism  of Ralph Waldo Emerson, or the revolutionary spirit of Langston Hughes. 

Explore the works of Maya Angelou, immerse yourself in the beauty of Pablo Neruda's love poems, or discover the imagery of Rumi, whose mystical verses continue to inspire readers. 

In addition to our physical collection, we are proud to offer a vast array of poetry resources online, ensuring that you can access your favorite verses anytime, anywhere. 

As we celebrate National Poetry Month, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of verse and discover the power of poetry.