Celebrating National Poetry Month

10 Poems

We're celebrating National Poetry Month! Throughout the month of April, poets and poetry will be featured and thanks to JSTOR Daily, links to classic American poets and their poems will be offered as well.

Inspiration is now coming from their selection of, 10 Poems by African-American Poets. JSTOR Daily's editorial staff chose the following poets and their poems: Ode by Elizabeth Alexander, Women Writers' Workshop by Tara Betts, Old Mary by Gwendolyn Brooks, Peach Picking by Kwame Dawes, The First Book by Rita Dove, After Birth by Camille T. Dungy, Do Any Black Children Grow Up Casual? by Harmony Holiday, Blues on a Box by Langston Hughes, Blind Boone's Pianola Blues by Tyehimba Jess, and finally, I Hope It Rains at My Funeral by Kevin Young.

Click here to access the above mentioned poems.