Celebrating Winter Holidays


Take a look at JSTOR Daily and their stories on the upcoming winter holidays. If they don't give you a lift and put you in the holiday spirit, they will at least provide you with some interesting trivia.

Stories range from why children are given toys on Christmas to how to say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian, to celebrating Solstice.

The editors put together an interesting piece on their favorite literary Christmas stories, titled 10 Classic Christmas Stories. How Hanukkah Became "Jewish Christmas" and how a minor holiday in the Jewish calendar became so important in America. The artistry and tradition of holiday cards is explained in Christmas, Inc: A Brief History of the Holiday Card. Curious at all about Santa Claus? What Santa Claus Looks Like should answer questions you may have.

How Charles Dickens Set the American Christmas Table tells us what an influence Dickens has had on how Americans decorate their homes for the holidays and some of the holiday traditions.

This is such a fun series JSTOR has put together filled with stories, photos and a few videos as well. ENJOY!