Election 2024

Election guide

Check out the SAS Library's latest libguide, 2024 Election Resources

Take a look at this complete guide that will help you determine not only why to vote but perhaps even for whom to vote.

On the left hand side of the guide, you will see a table of contents, all very important aspects of the voting process.

Taking Part in the Process - city, state and national elections.

Voting - are you eligible, are you registered?

Who Represents Me? - who are your representatives and what do they stand for?

Who's Running? - very informative page with links that include ballot measures to who's running for office in your home state.

Know the Issues

Really? Is That True? - be sure to check the facts; confirm the source.

Democrat? Republican? Other? - Liberal? Conservative? In-Between?

Predictions, Polls, Podcasts - this is a page you would want to check frequently; these reports are ever-changing.