Final Edition - Library Trivia 2018-2019

The Hash-Slinging Slashers

It's Thursday night, right before study hall and students (and one faculty member) descend upon the library to play the final night of trivia (for this academic year). Once again, emcee Jenn Wilson organizes the event and composes questions based on a monthly theme. The month of March is, among other things, Women's History Month and to celebrate Jenn and her colleague and scorekeeper Noreen Tully hosted a trivia night and there was fierce competition among the four teams. The returning champs, The AV Club, The Cheez-It Champions, All Alone and the eventual winner, The Hash-Slinging Slashers.

Questions ranged from "Who was the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize?" (Gwendolyn Brooks), to "Women were not allowed to hold credit cards in their own name until what year?" (1974), to a picture round where teams had to identify the photos of women, that included Janet Reno, Ida B. Wells, and Marie Curie and the final round of the night focused on government affairs, "What western state was the first to allow women to vote?" (Wyoming).

Motivated by snacks - including Ms. Tully's famous sugar cookies-  and winning a Wawa gift card, the determined team of Isabel Hwang, Cierra Martinez, Emily Paton, and Abby Sahs, (all members of the Class of 2020) came in first beating the second place team by six points.

The library looks forward to hosting more trivia nights next year!