On the Floor: Come check out the books on display!

Read Your Way Around the World - Featuring books from lands that were traveled by students and faculty this past summer.  Ask those who journeyed to Haiti, Cuba, Korea and South Africa about their experiences!;

Life: On Dorm, and in General - these books will help you navigate your life here, as well as in the wider world; 

Graphic Novels - If a picture's worth a thousand words, these books are worth millions!;

Bridging Cultures: Muslim Journeys - these books showcase American Muslims' stories; How People Live their Lives in Muslim-Majority Societies; and Islam and the West -Products of an Intertwined Past.

Sports! - The latest additions to our sports collection - You can browse the entire collection of related items in the 796 section of the Library

Music, Movies and Theatre - new readings, some surprisingly connected to science and math; 

What We're Reading - It's the new school year and we're starting off with Faculty and Staff recommended reads. Let us know if you've got one you love and we'll add it!