On the Floor - Settling In!

October lends itself to thematic reading - come on in and check out the displays and then check out a book!  Fiction to Keep You up at Night - Frightful reads are just plain fun; New in Political Science - The latest in readings from political candidates and policy makers - it is election season; LGBT History Month - Thoughtful reads as we celebrate 31 days of 31 Icons; Latest Math and Science Titles - Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn, Beautiful Geometry, What If?, Love & Math, to name a few; Historical Fiction - get lost in a novel set in your favorite historical period; Precocious Narrators - Tales told from the viewpoint of someone young, like A Clockwork Orange or Room; and a Little Bit of Literature - featuring Ondaatje's Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Egger's The Best American Nonrequired Reading, Kerouac's The Haunted Life, among others.