Happy 2019!

Remberlutions Jars in the Making

How many of us make New Year's resolutions only to have them go by the wayside within a short period of time? Librarian's assistant, Jenn Wilson '03, wanted to plan a student event in the library to welcome everyone back from winter break when in her research she came across a fun craft project courtesy of BuzzFeed - "remberlutions jars." Rather than make a hard-to-keep resolution, make a remberlutions jar!

As the community was in a "new year, new you" Marie Kondo decluttering mode, Jenn reached out to the adults asking them to donate any crafting supplies that were on their way to the recycling bin and the response was overwhelming. She then invited students to the library an hour before study hall to make their remberlutions jars.

You may be asking: "What is a remberlutions jar?" Grab any old jar, preferably with a lid, and decorate to your liking. Among the crafty contributions available to the students were paints of all kinds, fabric, glitter pens, beads, yarn, construction paper, and lots of bling. The idea is to decorate the jar any way you like - make it fun, make it fancy, make it yours. Throughout the year, on slips of paper, jot down special moments that have occurred. Moments that have made you happy, proud, moments that have made you feel accomplished. At the end of the year, empty your jar, read your slips of paper, and relive all those memories that brought you pleasure and a sense of fulfillment throughout the year rather than focusing on broken resolutions.

So, on a Thursday evening before study hall, ten students and Ms. Wilson (along with a snack of brownies and sparkling cider) congregated in a library study room and let their creative minds take over. The looks on their faces in the photo indicate a good time was had by all.

Another craft night is being planned for February - stay tuned!