Jay Jacobs '15 reviews CHERUB, Mission 2: The Dealer

The Dealer, second in the CHERUB Series by Robert Muchamore

James Adams, his little sister Lauren, and a few hundred other kids aged 10-17 work for a secret government organization called CHERUB. Because of the age of these agents, terrorists and drug dealers do not expect them to be undercover cops. So when James and three other kids infiltrate the biggest drug lord in England’s gang, things turn a little sour. With a story that makes you want to be one of the characters, The Dealer is a way to stop living in your boring life and jump into the one Robert Muchamore paints for you. With 200 pages of suspense, drug dealings, and a car getting blown up, this is a one of a kind book. If you are looking for something that you can read over the course of a stressful week, look no further and when you finish The Dealer, there are 10 more books in the series, picking up where you left off with James Adams and his group of friends.