Let's Talk Thanksgiving!


Check out JSTOR Daily and their segment on the American holiday, Thanksgiving. Their writers have done their research and their stories are maybe to some, eye-opening. For instance, Livia Gershon's piece, The Modern Invention of Thanksgiving from 2014, starts out by saying, "These days, most of us know that the sanitized story we learned in grade school bears little resemblance to the real history of the Plymouth colony." Matthew Wills in his story, Let's Talk Turkey, also from 2014, he questions why this domesticated fowl goes by the name "turkey." Erin Blakemore in a story from 2016 titled, How Jell-O Wobbled Its Way to Pop Culture Greatness, informs us of the many and varied uses of Jell-O (some that may even surprise you!). Other stories included are, Seven Things You MIght Not Know About Cranberries, Why Does Eating Food Make You Sleepy? (hint: it's not the tryptophan from the turkey), and many more.

From all of us here at the Irene duPont Library, Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope your break is filled with lots of reading!