Mischief Night in the Library

Halloween Trivia

Mischief Night in the library was a celebration of literary characters in many forms, such as: vampires, monsters, zombies and humans too! The host of the evening, Jenn Wilson '03, posed pretty tricky questions to the four teams of students participating in this night of Halloween trivia. Team names included: "Whoopigoldspook," "The Ghosts," "A Hint of Lime" and "The Others."

Round one involved literary monsters, round two was a picture round requiring the naming of eight monsters/vampires, round three, general Halloween knowledge and the final round, scary movies. The questions ranged from: "The Three witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth, were collectively known as what?" (The Weird Sisters) to "Lycanthropy refers to the process of turning into what?" (a werewolf) to "Thanks to Tumblr, what 2014 horror movie monster unexpectedly became a gay icon, showing up at Gay Pride Parades in 2017?" (Babadook).

The students had a really fun time deliberating with their teammates and battling with the opposing teams (the snacks were a big hit too!). After four rounds of tie-breaker questions, a coin toss determined "Whoopigoldspook", the winner! It's fair to say a good time was had by all. As one student proclaimed: "Wow, that was much more fun than I thought it would be!"