Raining Down Flowers!

The Aesthetics of Sustainability tutorial** students - Nnana Amakiri, Alex Bowman, YeoJin Kwon, Alexandra Porrazzo - led by photography teacher Joshua Meier have installed cascading flowers in the Library's space - beautiful! These pictures don't do the transformation of the space justice - come in and view the surprising and tranquil art display yourself!










**The goal of sustainable development is to create an ecologically and socially just world within the means of nature and without compromising future generations. This course will explore the cultural and aesthetic dimension of sustainability. We will look at how artists have responded to the many ecological and social challenges we face today, how we might define an aesthetics of sustainability, and what role art plays in developing a sustainable future. In addition, participants will examine the ways in which our cultural understanding of the environment has changed throughout the last two centuries, as our visual relationship with the land has shifted away from an historically idealistic view to a more realistic representation. This tutorial is for anyone who is interested in how artists, designers, and other creative people are imagining a more sustainable world for all of us.