SAS Book Club is Back!

SAS book club

Spirited discussions are about to happen when the St. Andrew's School Book Club gathers together to discuss their first pick of the year, Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson (her debut novel).


In late September, the leaders of the book club, Cy Karlik and Madeleine Lampietti, both Class of 2024, sent out a google form to members of the group, to make their selection. The final two choices were Pineapple Street and Dutch House by Ann Patchett. As members come together to discuss the novel, they will share their interpretations and reactions. Pineapple Street deals with many themes and the complexity of human relationships - lots of "food for thought."


Madeleine said that she thought the characters were unlikeable and that the author ended the story rather abruptly, intentionally leaving it "open-ended and up for interpretation." On the other hand, co-leader Cy, enjoyed the book's characters - he found them amusing. Sounds like the discussion should be lively.


The power of literature to bring people together for meaningful conversations is a gateway to a deeper level of thought. The book club brings together students from all grades, allowing them to get to know others with whom they wouldn't typically have day to day interactions. As co-leader,  Lampietti commented on the enthusiasm of this year's readers, " I've been really excited about this year's book club members. I've found that the people who signed up have actually read the book and are excited to discuss it. Having such eager and excited members has brought a very positive energy to the club and made it feel more real." 


The book club plans to meet to discuss Pineapple Street within the next week, at which time they will decide on their next read. The second pick will be read during the long break of Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to a full report.