Trick-or-Treat Trivia

Library Trivia

The Tuesday evening before Halloween the Library hosted it's annual Trick-or-Treat trivia contest. With a record breaking 40+ contestants making up 10 teams, the competition was fierce. Emcee of the evening, Jenn Wilson '03, composed a slew of very tricky questions and Jenn's trivia hosting partner, Noreen Tully was furiously busy keeping score.

There were four rounds of questions ranging from "What 1954 short story by Richard Matheson featured vampires, taking over the Earth, and was later turned into a movie by the same name, starring Will Smith?" (I Am Legend) to "In what US State is it illegal to dress up like a priest or nun?" (Alabama). It was complete mayhem as the contest had to go into extra questions. The race was very tight between Team AV Club and Team MJ with Team MJ becoming the ultimate victor. Their treat? Starbuck gift cards!

Stay tuned for the next trivia date. Congratulations MJ Jones, John Teti, Silas Grasse, and Jayson Rivera!