Welcome! and Welcome Back!

We're ready for you!

We're excited to meet you, and to have you back! Do you need a read to get your year started?  Maybe something from the floor displays will grab you - and beg to be checked out:  Transitions - Life on dorm, in school, and in general- books to help you get settled; Graphic Novels - always interesting, diverting, thought-provoking and fun; Short Stories - some of the latest titles, read one or read the whole collection!; Music, Good for What Ails You - learn something about Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, Jay-Z, Neil Young or some Hip Hop Divas; Little books, big ideas - don't good things come in small packages?; Directives! - Just for fun, books with title directives, such as Drive, Think Like a Freak, Steal Like an Artist, Blink...; New YA Titles - yes, the library has it's own Young Adult section!;  Net Neutrality - find out why we think it's important! And Because We're Thinking About.... We've chosen some books that reflect what we've been thinking regarding the tragedy of Michael Brown's shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri - about who we are, who "the other" is, who we hope to become.  Stop on by.