William Lin '24 and The Concord Review

William Lin

During his sophomore year at St. Andrew's, William Lin '24 took an Advanced Studies history course called World at War, taught by History teacher and Dean of Studies Melinda Tower. This course elicited his curiosity about censorship during World War II. With already a passion for photography, he became very interested in the censoring of photos during the war. Fast forward to his junior year when he enrolled in another Advanced Studies history course, Research Seminar. Still feeling the excitement of his World at War class, it did not take William long to come up with his topic for his research paper. 
William was committed to learning more about this particular era of journalism and focused on the censorship of photographs. Research Seminar requires scholarly research, access to archives, and reaching out to teachers, historians, and authorities on your specific area of interest. William's teachers, Matt Carroll and Victor Cuicahua, were impressed with his work and considered his paper exceptional. They even encouraged him to submit his essay, Whitewashing The War: U.S. Censorship of Photography During World War II, to The Concord Review, a quarterly journal that publishes research papers that meet the highest of standards of secondary school students.  
When William returned to campus in late August, during his senior class orientation, he received notice his paper was chosen by The Concord Review to be published. His essay is one of 11 that are published in the Fall issue. William recently said, "I'm certainly looking forward to looking deeper into this topic in college and finding a new direction." If you would like to read William's essay, The Concord Review can be found on display in the library.
Congratulations William!!!